The shame and judgement that comes along
with being a user is so intense and so
dangerous because it pushes people to use
alone and therefore not practice harm
— Participant, San Francisco Syringe Exchange Program

 Public Drug Use FACT SHEETS

San Francisco Public Drug Use & SCS Data Brief  (April 2017)

Oakland Public Drug Use & SCS Data Brief (May 2017)

Overview of SCS

Bringing Safer Consumption Spaces to the United States - AIDS United and Project Inform (December 2018)

Overview of Safer Drug Consumption Services (SCS) - YES to SCS California (June 2017)

The Case for Supervised Consumption Services - amFAR (June 2017)

How Do SCS Impact Public Health? - YES to SCS California (June 2017)

How Do SCS Impact Public Safety & Community? - YES to SCS California (June 2017)

Overview of Supervised Consumption Services - Drug Policy Alliance (March 2017)

San Francisco-Specific Documents

San Francisco Supervised Injection Services (SIS) Task Force Final Report & Recommendations (2017)

Harm Reduction Services Issue Brief- San Francisco Department of Public Health (June 2017)

Injection Drug Use Infographic - San Francisco Department of Public Health (June 2017)

Resolution for SIS Task Force - San Francisco Board of Supervisors (June 2017)

Other SCS Resources

Massachusetts State Harm Reduction Commission Report (March 2019)

Safer Consumption Spaces in the United States: Uniting for a National Movement - Project Inform (June 2017) 

Establishment of a Pilot Medically Supervised Injection Facility - Massachusetts Medical Society (April 2017) 

Safe Drug Consumption Spaces: A Strategy for Baltimore City - The Abell Foundations (February 2017)

Alternatives to Public Injection Report - Harm Reduction Coalition (NYC - September 2016)

The Ithaca Plan: A Public Health and Safety Approach to Drugs and Drug Policy - City of Ithaca (February 2016) 



There are many models and options for safer drug consumption services (SCS). They are also referred to as drug consumption rooms (DCR), supervised injection facilities (SIF), and medically supervised injecting centers (MSIC). The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) website offers extensive resources for evaluations of existing sites. The British Columbia Centre on Substance Use offers extensive research overviews for sites in Canada.